Theme 1: Transforming Media and Games 3:10-4:00 PM EST

Black & Streaming

Examining diversity and inclusion in current streaming practices, and imagining new modes of production and creation.

A narrative-focused educational game: Mirror

This project is a narrative-focused educational game that aims to provide knowledge and resources on the issue of body image for young Chinese people


An online educational resource that makes learning high quality and actionable wellness information engaging.

Reground: Reconnect with Reality

Reground is an app that helps you rebound from stress by guiding you through a proven grounding technique that promotes mindfulness and relaxation.

The Story So Far

A scholarly paper discussing foundations and directions for emotional design research on narrative in games for learning.

Exposure; A Place for Black Girls in Photography

A hybrid photo club introducing middle school Black girls to photography as a medium to tell their stories, find their voices, and implement change.

Theme 2: Empowering Skills 4:00-5:00PM EST


Cryptolysis is a website/app where people can learn easy and fast information about crypto and it helps them to manage their FoMO.

FinQuiry: Democratizing Financial Education 

A learning platform providing accessible financial education for recent graduates through instructional content, community groups and finance mentors.

Fare Wise 

Fare Wise is a Fintech App that provides personalized budgeting for millennials and Gen-Z to improve their financial mindset and spending habits.

Lingvo Focus

A learning platform in a form of mobile application that helps adult learners stay focused while learning foreign languages.

Systems Visualization in K-12 Writing Education

The Might-E curriculum equips students and teachers with digital tools that make abstract and complex features of writing tangible and accessible.

The Case of Henry Williams

An unfolding, case-based simulation to train nurses which uses a pedagogical, interactive approach to foster higher-order thinking and active learning


Women Achieving Gender Equality (WAGE) Program

A platform and learning community to help women learn about and manage workplace gender equality to enhance their career success.

Theme 3: Connections and Community 5:00-6:00 PM EST


A one-stop timely access platform for school information

Joint-Online community for supportive parents

The project is about creating an efficient online space for Chinese supportive high school parents to collect and share educational information.  

Museums for NYC Families

A platform that provides the NYC-based families whose kids are K-6 with integrated New York City museums' information and activities.


A social media platform that strengthens the STEM identities of females in STEM by building a community and showcasing the diversity of the field.


This design is aim to optimize the generational gap, better promote communication between different generations and close the distance between them.


A mobile platform to enhance the counseling experience and build a support exchange community for Chinese international students and their families.


Convive is a culture learning app that helps cross-cultural users to learn about cultures contextually and collectively through media and data viz. 


A video platform designed to help film students share works, engage in the community, build a personal portfolio, and network with industry experts.