Zeyu Wang (Zoe)

The Art of Photography

AOP is an app that provides photography lovers a platform to learn, communicate, and grow. Learners will be able to gain knowledge of history and photography skills, comprehend stories of the remarkable photographers, receive information about informations, and communicate with other photographers on this app.

As a photography learner, I have always considered it as a genre of art and in fact, it is an art. Artists use images expressionistically to articulate and conceptualize what they think of the world. Some make pictures for commercial reasons, while some make pictures to provide evidence for scientific research. Regardless of purpose, photographers take photos because words cannot always provide a satisfactory way of describing how they relate to the world and humankind.

In addition, as a photography enthusiast, I am excited to explore more of how digital media can fulfill educational goals for art learners. The problem that I am trying to solve will be educating basic photography knowledge based on digital media design for learning. My solution is designing an app that will include history of photography, the stories of the remarkable photographers, photography editing skills, information about exhibitions, and an online community that promotes effective learnings between photographers.

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