Songsakoon (Nine Song) Sitthikaew

Designing AR for historical learning at landmarks

The application for tourists to learn history with AR at the landmarks all over the world.

The history is more real than ever!

Learning history is not about memorizing names and dates of dead people and old buildings in the past, but it is about the understanding of global context, the relationship between people, cultures, technology, economics, politics, and we have changed from the past. History creates a framework of humanity learning, and helps us visualize where we are in the entire story of the world. We can learn how the world has developed and how far human beings have adapted ourselves to the changes. Learning history is not limited to the books or history class but we are able to learn history from everything, everywhere. We could learn coffee history from coffee cafes or learn world’s history from famous tourist landmarks.

From the design process. There are some learning theories that are applied to the design.

  1. Situated learning: AR experience

  2. Spatial learning: Categorized contents

  3. Dual coding theory: Text, motion pictures, and audio

  4. Collaborative learning:

  5. Motivation and rewards: Badges

  6. Advance Organizer: Pin location to help navigate the content

You can Learn history at wherever you are

The real-time interactive learning promotes situated learning and informal learning. The users can learn from different topics with special tour guide.

Experience design example: Construction topic

You will be introduced to the story by the main character who is a historical person who gives you information and guides you to investigate the place by scanning objects to obtain historical information. Each interactive task gives the learners historical information that allows learners to collect historical evidence through interactive AR.

Experience design example: Economy topic

The pop-up multiple choice questions are set for two roles; to evaluate their fresh knowledge for the learners who already obtained knowledge, or to help novice learners to gain new knowledge from questions and answers.

Application Prototype

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