Presenters for Fall 2022 Expo


Guyanese Train Women (GTW)

My project is based on a E-Training Module to help train working women in Guyana learning about Gender Based Violence in their workplace.

NYC Subway Safe

A subway safety and bystander training campaign that celebrates the creativity, diversity and eccentricity that makes this city great.

Climate Connections

A five-part exhibition intended to reduce eco-anxiety in U.S. science and natural history museum visitors.


An interactive visual novel that allows college women to practice defending themselves from sexual harassment by acquaintances. 


A mobile app that gives users interested in eating less meat the tools to shift their eating habits in order to promote personal and planetary health.

Aging Can't Stop Your Learning

A scholarly paper study and research on how to better design language learning for older adults.


NarrateIT! Improving Reading with Technology

NarrateIT is an app that gives kids the confidence to read out loud. They become the narrator and see their voice bring stories to life with animation.


A training and development course in design that bridges theory with practice, specifically tailored for museum educators.

S.A.F.E. Driving Simulator

A game for drivers with Autism Spectrum Disorder to learn & practice their driving in a safe environment to gain more confidence behind the wheel.


This game is about caretakers developing empathy with a plot twist that transforms them into their loved ones or family member.

Mental Models: Critical Thinking with 3D Models

College students will enhance critical thinking with 3D models, as they research, collaborate, and construct the spaces discussed in their courses.

PACE (Parents of Autistic Children Engage)

PACE is a judgment-free ASD online community designed for parents to connect and gain resources in the neighborhood.