Welcome & Orientation

Part 1- Health and Wellbeing (5:00 PM - 6:00 PM)

Ying Ying Shao

Get Ready

A smartphone app that helps new moms and couples in gestation solve problems and prepare to take care of their babies.

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Ling Ma

Prepare For the Future

The website ”Prepare For Future” provides parents with ready-to-use learning schedules to reduce time and energy spent searching for learning resources. 

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Ailin Zhou


A mobile app to empower parents to make healthier and proper food selection and preparation for their children.

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Xin (Ana) Qiu

My Future Baby

A mobile game, based in learning science, that uses bite-sized scenarios to empower parents to support their children’s learning development.

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Xinyi Wang

Redesigning NYU Wellness App

Redesign of NYU Wellness App to better serve Chinese International Students

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Vicky Zou


A narrative-based mobile game to teach public empathy, self-care and supportive skills to help depressed people. 

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Part 2- LMS and Instructional Design (6:00 - 7:00 PM)

Yijin Guo

Mobile Learning Management System - WeLearn

WeLearn LMS supports more efficient learning with the focus on facilitating better communication and building stronger learning community. 

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Dastan Ramankulov

Gamified Learning Management Platform

Monotonous, unengaging learning experiences are a problem for learners. Gamified learning experiences hold a great potential to solve this issue.

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Jessie Chang

Autiply: Autism Employment Training for Employers

Autiply is an eLearning course that aims to empower employers with the knowledge and skills to employ individuals with autism and improve employment outcomes.

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Heru Zhao

Emotional Design with Multimedia Learning 

A scholarly paper discussing emotional design with multimedia.

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Rivelle Levine 

AVA: 3D Virtual Character Creation

AVA offers a support framework to design the story behind the character, which encourages people to represent their complex identities.

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Evgeniya Feoktistova

Instructor - Designer Collaboration Framework

Proposed Framework for Supporting Business School Faculty in Designing Technology Mediated Learning Experiences

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Part 3- Games and Art:  (7:00- 8:00 PM)

Collin Yu


An Algebra game using learning-aligned game mechanics and embedded learning analytics to support player-learners in solving equations.

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Edward Futterman


Override is a two-player online game that helps adolescents practice empathy, perspective-taking, and other social emotional skills.

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Jason Liu

Agent Vax

The learning game for promoting vaccination.

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Maurice Boothe Jr.

Mistoria: A Narrative Tool for Language Learning

Mistoria is an RPG-style narrative game that employs an adaptive dialogue system to facilitate second language acquisition.

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Xueyi Xu


ArtWorm allows visitors of The Metropolitan Museum of Art to engage in meaningful education with interactive audio guides and augmented reality.

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Jiayin Zhang

ARTICE: an art community for museum lovers

ARTICE encourages you to share questions about arts that help start art conversations through your museum visit.

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Zoe Wang

The Art of Photography

Providing photography lovers a platform to learn, communicate, and grow.

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