Part 1- Adult Learning : 5:00 -5:45 PM

Katie Santo

Supporting Self-Directed Informal Learning

A mobile app to help higher education employees navigate and own their professional development experience.

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Siyuan Chen

Favori - The Skincare Application

An app that assists users to establish self-efficacy in skincare routines and product searching processes.

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Huizi Lin

Skin Journey

Skin Journey aims to provide timely skin detection, authoritative learning resources, peer-assisted learning, and the connection with dermatologists.

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Beiheng Guo

Camera World

An online photography learning platform with courses, learners' forums, and feedback directly from the instructors.

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Roxy Ho

Blossom: A mentoring platform

A mobile app providing a one-stop, personalized mentoring experience within a community of practice and cognitive apprenticeship environments.

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Part 3- K12-Learning : 5:45 - 6:15 PM

Taniya Sharma


A mobile application designed to help 8th graders mind their math skills at their pace, beyond school hours reducing resource availability gaps.

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Sung Jung

Crypto Treasure

With a video game designed to simulate financial scenarios, children play the game, explore problem-solving options, and make own financial decisions.

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Bihan Wang

Grow Green

An app for parents gardening with their kids

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Part 2- Language & Culture : 6:15 -6:45 PM

Junlu  Xie

Cultural Faux PasS

A platform that helps people in the US to learn and practice different cultures by providing multiple games with authentic examples and explanations

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Zuoqi Liu

Traveler Planet

A travel app that provides a multifunctional learning community for travelers to exchange and share their experiences, knowledge, and thoughts.

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Ruby Wu


A mobile application that helps boosts motivation in learning English vocabulary by watching skits.

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