Aliya Blackwood

Kinder Helper Academy

KHA is a visual simulator that allows teachers to encounter a varied cast of student characters and expose ourselves to different conflict resolution techniques

Kinder Helper Academy

You are going to join the staff of Kenton Hines Elementary as a trainee in the Kinder Helper Academy program. You will spend a week (in game) in the entry class, a classroom with five students who help the teacher acclimate to the classroom environment by being a practice class. Each student will have their own unique personality and starting affinity for the teacher which will be affected by the decisions the teacher makes when the students conflict and argue with each other.

Kinder Helper Academy supports learning with these core features:

Affinity Gauge

The Affinity Gauge indicates the student’s mood. Affinity is a factor of how a student will respond to intervention and if a student will be involved with conflict.

Updatable Notebook

The notebook provides information on each student. It contains suggestions based on personality psychology and intervention studies.

Meet the Mentor

The mentor is an experienced teacher character who provides suggestions and feedback to the player on how to interact with the students. The suggestions will be recorded in a notebook.

Video Guides

The guides provide information on the game. They works as tips for socio-emotional development of students and are useful for future professional development reference.

Kinder Helper Academy ver. 2.0- Demo Build

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