Mindful Parenting Guru Tool

A parenting tool to provide parents of young children with practical resources and techniques to cultivate mindfulness in their parenting practice.

AI-powered Curriculum Adaptation for K-12 Math Teachers

Revolutionizing K-12 math with AI: Personalized learning, collaborative growth, and teacher-empowered tech.


A framework for designing mental health and wellness content on social media for millennial audiences.


A home composting educational app uniquely integrated with a smart composting bucket to enable real-time data tracking and feedback.

Multisensory Museum Exhibitions to Support Learning and Access 

An exploration of the use of multisensory experiences to increase accessibility and support visitor learning in museum exhibitions

MathTown: Culturally Relevant Math Learning App

A math learning game designed for secondary school students that bridges the gap between math content and real world current events, connecing students' cultures, identity, and personal interests.

Crafting Pottery in VR

An immersive pottery learning experience utilizing virtual reality technology, offering learners the opportunity to master pottery without spatial or material constraints.