Ying Ying Shao

Get Ready

It is a smartphone app that helps new moms and couples in gestation solving problems and get well prepared to taking care of their babies.

For people around the world, 2020 is a tough year because of the Covid-19, natural disaster, earthquake, wildfire, flood, etc. However, it is extremely tough for me because I got a new identity, newborn mom. I have a 11-month-old boy and the past 11 months have been like an adventure. The 40 weeks pregnant was long and exhausting, which I thought was the most challenging time during my life. During my gestation period, I read several books such as What to Expect in the First Year, How to be Parents, How to Talk and How to Listen. Also, I enrolled in a pregnancy course and took around 20 classes about how to deliver the baby and take care of the baby. However, what was unexpected was the day that I became a new mom, life became even harder and my son brought me new challenges every single day. The role transition from a wife to a mom tends to be stressful. Nonetheless, when he smiles at me, I still consider him as the most precious gift in my life.

I talked to many new moms and realized that every baby is unique. For each family, new parents have to face various challenges to take good care of their newborn babies. Therefore, I want to design a smartphone product called Get Ready for new parents gather information and accumulate knowledge in order to take care of their babies. In addition, it is also a social network that parents can share and exchange their experiences.

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