Xinyi Wang

Redesigning NYU Wellness App

Redesigning NYU Wellness App for its Chinese International Students

As a free mobile application that provides immediate access to a university therapist via an instant chat feature, the NYU Wellness App has been an important tool for Chinese international students in need of therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of my anonymous online survey, the user interviews I conducted, and the Value Proposition Validation Test, I identified three important pain points, or students’ main concerns, with using the NYU Wellness App for mental health issues, which are: (1) language barrier, (2) cultural differences, and (3) robotic responses. The pain points are a result of the drawbacks in the current NYU Wellness App, which include: (1) the automatic connection does not allow the student to choose the therapist, (2) there is no available information about the therapist anywhere on the interface, (3) there is no possibility to book an appointment for any given time or with a specific therapist, (4) there is no opportunity for follow-up sessions or long-term treatment, and (5) the user interface has cold colors and offers a solemn sensation.

My redesign of the NYU Wellness App resolves the aforementioned pain points by making modifications to the user flow, the app interface, and adding a new feature. The redesigned NYU Wellness App will help Chinese international students address mental health issues by solving issues with their language barrier, by provided information about therapists on the app to reduce any cultural difference, and relieve the robotic and cold sensation by having the option to connect to a doctor in any communication channel of their choice: chat, voice, or video.

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